Carrizal Bajo

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Carrizal Bajo is a town north of Chile, in the Third Region of Atacama. Located near Llanos de Challe National Park and 50 km from Huasco , the nearest town .

History: During the years 1850-1900 , the city was one of the most important ports in Chile, had hospital , theater and church for a population of 8,000 inhabitants until then. Here the second rail was installed (after Copiapó – Caldera ) in 1864 joined with the nearby towns and mining sectors , as Canto del Agua and Carrizal Alto. By 1878 , copper production was 3,614,872 kg , one of the best annual productions. After 1900 mining declined , Carrizal Alto disappeared and the railway was closed in 1961. The town was badly hit by the earthquake of 1922 Vallenar , since after the earthquake there was a tsunami that destroyed part of the village . This is because in this zone the waves reached between 5-7 meters and with an increase close to 1 kilometer land adentro.De May to August 1986, Carrizal Bajo was the place where the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front held hospitalization Weapon from DeCuba . In Chile this creek , weapons were stored at a cost of $ 30 million and with a total of eighty tons of war materials to the action of the security forces of the government of Augusto Pinochet , who found 90% of the weapons landed . What was a blow to the communist resistance , and a success of intelligence to the military government , which at that time had a veto of the American Senate , preventing arms sales to the country , by USA .