Finca de Chañaral Pictographs

IMG_2356 IMG_2355 IMG_2354 Belonging to the Inca culture, this archaeological site where abundant pictographs can be seen in the rocky walls and archaeological items such as arrowheads and tools. It is the only oasis with trees between Copiapo and San Pedro de Atacama. For this sector, passing the Inca Trail in 1678 and established as a plantation area. Today is state-owned and provides water through wells to the villages of Diego de Almagro, and Inca de Oro. His abundant pictographs have been studies and research and found traces realize its historical and archaeological value. Where: Located 32 kms southeast of Diego de Almagro and 18 kms. from Inca de Oro. Photography, Felix Barroeta. Contrastes de Atacama.