Caldera is a municipality located in the region of Atacama in Copiapó Province in addition to natural harbor of the regional capital Copiapó 75 kilometers distant . (Chile ) . It was founded on November 20, 1849 , by Decree signed by then President Manuel Bulnes Prieto and Interior Minister José Joaquín Pérez Mascayano .

The establishment of the port of Caldera was due to the construction of the first Chilean railroad by the newly created Copiapo Railway Company as a result of the need for a shipping port for the production of minerals existing at that time, and Chañarcillo coming from the mines and Three Points . That is why by Supreme Decree of 21 September 1850 , the then small fishing Caldera port became a real national importance .

The following year, on December 25, 1851 , began the first trip of the first railway in Chile , covering the short but significant section of Caldera Monte Amargo . This locomotive made ??this journey, not only transporting minerals, but also began a steady passenger traffic between Caldera and Copiapo , which soon give new impetus to the nascent port, starting to bear fruit business tasks , making boiler in a city with own progress all the time .

The economy is based on fishing and seafood. Also of importance port type tasks , performing an important flow of export grapes to international markets and also performed the estiva of minerals such as copper and iron. Artisanal and industrial fisheries , is paramount where abundant fishing companies, clearly highlighting the tasks of production of fishmeal and crops of some mollusks such as oysters , abalone , sea urchins , octopus , Consumer goods for domestic and especially for export the demanding European and Asian market . That is why the bulk of the working population of the city, working in this area , which must cope with the high demand for this product and that it is one of the lowest unemployment rate .
Fundamental is during the summer season tourism in the district , is the most important in the III Region of Atacama and which receives the most foreign tourists and domestic holidaymakers point, which directly and indirectly provides a lot of financial resources to the city.

Photography, Felix Barroeta. Contrastes de Atacama.

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