Chañaral – . City , the capital and port of the department name, located at 26 ° 23 ‘ Lat. and 70 ° 41 ‘ Lon . It sits on a plateau of barren contours to the southeast end of the bay and turned into wide, flat streets, and contains 2,613 inhabitants , convenient public buildings, civil registry offices , mail and telegraph, three free school , church , hospital, local smelting and ore  machines, water distillation , & c . Part of it a railway 55 kilometers , opened on August 20, 1871 , which goes to Sunken Village , past the ore Salado, and has a branch to the village of Souls . Its port is open and warm little bay, surrounded by a slightly steep coast with medium and bare hills to his back. It opens the gorge of the Rio Salado , and a short distance to the SE . they delay the start village of Souls, in whose neighbourhood were discovered in 1859 rich copper mines , besides those that were known before . Its origin is from old, and was known by the name of Chañaral of Souls, which had a tiny port town . Was enabled to export minerals from its vicinity on 24 October 1836. Happened to be his people seat municipality by decree of 13 September 1875. In the earthquake of May 9, 1877 suffered serious havoc with sea off caused this phenomenon , but they will not soon recover. By the law of 14 January 1884 took the title of town and was erected in the capital of his department. Its name means set chañares , indigenous tree { Gourliera Chilensis , or Lucuma Molina spinosa ) .

Photography, Felix barroeta. Contrastes de Atacama.

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