Pan de Azúcar National Park

152908251454879152908168121554copiapoas-2152907931454911149965398415831IMG_6979IMG_6511The Pan de Azucar National Park is located 30 km north of Chañaral and 194 km north of Copiapó in Chile and was created in 1985 by DS 527 from the Ministry of National Heritage . It covers an area of ??43,764 ha. It is remarkable because of the relative abundance of species : there are over 27 species of cactus, of which 21 are endemic to this area , such as those identified in Gerada by UNESCO of emanol gutierres ‘ Copiapoa ( Copiapoa cinerascens , C. cinerea , C. budwillii , among others) in the region.The lack of rainfall is compensated by sea mists. Access , a convenient access point is Chañaral city located in “km 968 ” on Route 5 North . From there you can travel by gravel road to the park along the coast past Playa Playa Blanca.A Yellows and along the road you can see a number of cactus. Many people make this bike ride and spend the night in approved campgrounds, located in Playa Piqueros , Soldier or Playa Caleta Pan de Azucar. Out of these sites is not camping permitido.El control point is the Gate , located in the “km 18” , where staff there to charge admission to the park , its value should be consulted at the Atacama Regional Office CONAF . Campsites are free , and are administered by third parties , however in the indicated phone can request more details.People important to note that this city is the supply point for people wishing to enter and stay overnight in existing campsites in the park , since within the business park no sales of food, only food prepared and souvenirs. Another important aspect is the need of carrying bottled water, and elements that provide shade, since the radiation is very high at any time of year.

( Wikipedia information ) Photography Felix Barroeta Contrasts Atacama 2013.