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Historical Information Totoral . – Stay Totoral Morales Title The alleged as folio 82 round. 84 Land Registry Copiapo , 1899 which is not in force for being Acquired by Carlos Peñalves and his successors in the domain by adverse possession and title inserts . Merced Sent in 1634 to Maese de Campo Don Diego de Morales Bravo. Writing Transaction in arbitration proceedings between priest and vicar Foranco Don Bruno Zavala on one side and on the other Don Juan Carlos Cepeda Orders , José María and Ramón Morales Santos , Totoral stay granted on May 14, 1855 , before Notary Public of Copiapó Don Agustin Vallejo , where left -established boundaries of ” Estancia El Totoral Los Morales .”

Cattails and Chañarcillo : Chañarcillo commune was established on December 22, 1891 and since that time the titles begin mayors and aldermen . Looking at the Foundation Act , the people of Totoral becomes part of the territory of Chañarcillo . According to Roberto Hernández C. author of the books (Vol. I, II ) called ” Juan Godoy and discovering Chañarcillo “, in the mineral was a village called ” Juan Godoy ” and in this town there was a market also called RECOVA which sourced fruits, vegetables, meat products , cheese, milk and even building materials such as Brea Totora and this farming village of Totoral . The materials were carried by troops of donkeys or mules and so the people supplying goods and clothes or dresses.

Abstract of a paper I. The Municipality of Copiapó. Ignacio Domeyko step in his travels Totoral : ” A 8 leagues from here , heading north, a wide valley down to where you see a fundito the Totoral almost the only habitable place across the region between Huasco and Copiapo . some farms and some fruit trees look , the land is marshy and water -laden salts port Pajonales , is 6 leagues from this place , and in the mouth of the valley and near the sea , there is a copper mine. Pajonales called ruin of which occurred in his time many oxide ores were exported to England through the port mentioned. This mine is now abandoned , . . pirquineros always see some who follow the work ” ( Information )

From: Domeyko , I. (1903 ) : Jeología . – Fifth Volume , official edition , Santiago de Chile